Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The frustration of menstruation

I feel like I should have some sort of secret to unleash and blow all of your minds, or an ancient Mayan remedy to treat the worst of menstrual cramps but I don't have that. This is not meant to be serious, but instead kind of funny- but I totally sympathize with you if you're suffering from visiting relatives named Flo. Normally I don't post such short mood boards but all of these images seemed to fit together in a really nice way with their female undertones and keeping it short and sweet seemed more poignant. I guess if there was any sort of message or meaning to extract from all this is that life goes on during menstruation- it can be a creative fuel that drives us to make art or excuses drinking multiple cups of Chai tea while snuggling a hot water bottle.

1- Lorena Angjeli By Dario Catellani, 2- Petra Collins 'The Female Gaze', 3- by Mitch Feinberg, 4- unknown, 5- Sky Ferreira.

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