Monday, December 2, 2013

The bummer summer

This is going to sound totally boring but since I've been on holidays I have just had time to chill out, go thrift shopping, read magazines, go to the library and do the occasional drawing/ collage for my art journal. And I think I'm happiest when I can go at my own pace and just enjoy what I do- for some of you that would be a total bore but I kind of like it. I have a huge amount of images and stuff on my computer so I've been making mood boards in addition to cutting out all the pictures of kittens in my books and magazines to decorate the walls of my room and make a zine. It's Summer now, the weather should be getting warmer which means I can immerse myself in beach rock vibes by listening to Best Coast, go swimming and take lots of photos.

1- via Style Rookie, 2- unknown via, 3a- Rookie Yearbook Two, b. 4. 5a, c- via Style Rookie, b- unknown. 6a, b- Rookie Mag. 7- unknown. 8a- Rookie Mag, b- a video clip, c- unknown. 9. 10- Emmy Thelander. 11a- unknown, b- The Brady Bunch, c- Elle Fanning in Somewhere (2010).

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