Sunday, December 1, 2013

She's full of secrets

I've been reading The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer, which I bought in a thrift store for 50 cents. It largely inspired the idea that women, and in particular young girls have some sort of expectation or pressure to be perfect- but in reality, we all have secrets. This is the first shrine I've ever made and it includes a mixture of new stuff, old junk and treasured gifts from my family.

It kind of relates to this mood board I posted weeks ago and is also sort of a response to this shrine, and borrows in the idea that girls are associated with pink and flowers and glittery junk but there is no 'average teenage girl', rather there is just an obnoxious idea or stereotype of what girls are like. Admittedly my photos seem flat and two-dimensional when compared to the goody hair barrettes, feminist zines and jewellery pieces Tavi used to create hers, but she probably spent a lot more time on her shrine than I did and has a much more interesting collection of stuff to show the Internet.

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