Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Pizza Delivery

Wearing: Pizza shirt from pizzashirt.net, Asos skirt, Dr Martens boots.

Despite dressing like a cliched fashion blogger the combination of Dr Martens and pleated skirt make me feel spiritually closer to Enid Coleslaw. So rather than just spurting "street style" and soft grunge" I feel subversive and artistic and interesting! This outfit would have looked a lot better with a body harness and a brooch of an angry nun, don't worry I am working on that. pizzashirt.net recently had a 50% off sale so I just had to buy this t-shirt I have been quietly lusting after for the last couple of months. It did not disappoint. My mother on the other hand seems disappointed I can't dress like a normal person. Sorry Mom! (not sorry)


  1. Maybe its because I watch way too much greys anatomy or its just because I'm awake since 6:00 am but I swear I thought your shirt is decorate with lots of human being hurts. When I think about it, it can be pretty cool t-shirt. But also pizza!
    Cool outfit by the way! (;

    1. when i first wore this shirt my mum said in the most deadpan tone 'it looks like [skin] cancer'
      thanks thou! :)

  2. love your outfit. Your hair is amazing and love your blog in general, you always write really well about designers



  3. I'm so happy that I found your blog, your style is so unique and inspiring! Thanks for sharing x
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