Friday, December 27, 2013

Minju Kim x H&M

I already mentioned the name Minju Kim a while ago, but wanted to focus on her graduate collection in order to preserve the designer's artistic vision before divulging the details of her commercial collaboration with global heavy weights H&M. There's noticeably more pastel, less leather accessories and a distinct lack of colored wigs but it was still a success despite many people having not heard of the Korean designer before this collection. I haven't been able to get my hands on any of the pieces yet, and probably wouldn't know where to start with styling them but that hasn't stopped me from stalking every single eBay listing  since the collaboration's release in mid-October. That doesn't mean I am not determined... I am just trying to negotiate getting a contract signed with a new employer and won't get paid for approximately one month so that has definitely put a dampener on both Christmas shopping and silly fashion purchases but I would love to sink my teeth into those tassel and studded wedges first. They are like demonic golf cleats crossed with saddles shoes and elevated to dizzying heights with a wicked white platform heel.

Much of the collection had already sold out long ago, but a few pieces can be found sparsely on the Internet and have already been curated on multiple fashion blogs. Despite many images thrown together by different bloggers from around the world, it seems to me the easiest way to style these pieces is to stick strictly to Minju Kim. Despite variation in colour among each piece, they all to magically work together combining the best of coral pink, sage colored leather and a shade of toothpaste blue. I don't have very much pastel in my wardrobe myself, but I am dying to know how ditzy floral blouses would look with a gorgeous coat draped over the top. Prices range from a few hundred dollars, but I would say opportunities like this are invaluable to up and coming designers, opening doors and exposing their unique but well defined style to the world. Minju Kim definitely encapsulates this business model, impressing judges with her attention to detail, as well as combining her love of violent manga comic books, drawing and creating dreamy clothing.


  1. this collection is perfect <3

  2. omg all the pieces are faboulous :o