Sunday, December 22, 2013

It hurts to be sixteen

Being a teenager hurts, it's a fact of life. You feel bad, you worry about whether your body is normal, whether your artistic efforts, your writing are any good but it's also the most celebrated time of self-discovery and devoted to figuring yourself out. As Tavi Gevinson explained when she visited Australia in August this year, a teenager is like a caricature of a real person because they experience everything really strongly for the first time and the hormones kick in, but it doesn't really ever get any easier in adulthood. You get to college and you have no idea what you want to do, the only way to figure that out is to try things and see if you like them or hate them. 

It is not all pink pretty prom-themed parties, pink cats do not exist yet but I like holding on to all the cliche teenage-girl stuff shoved down our throats by consumers and movies and the set of the Brady Bunch and to a greater extent popular culture. When I feel like I'm about to explode, I make time to sit in my room under a bunch of blankets and either compose moodboards like this or I empty my mind and watch a movie. Even when I have to work late at night I take my usual hour to unwind and relax before I'm ready to go to bed but I think it helps.

1a- via, b, c; 2- unknown. 3a- Versus 1995 - Trish Goff, b- unknown via, c- Anna Plunkett; 4- Rookie Mag Halloween shrine. 5a- Dolores Umbridge's office, b, c- The Supremes, 1968; 6, 7- via, 8- Natalie Wilson, 9- by Rebekah Campbell, 10a- Hunx and his Punx, b- by Rebekah Campbell. 11a, b- D. Muccigrossi Photography: The Suicide Blonde Outtake, c. 12- Jayne Mansfield, 13- via Style Rookie.


  1. love your mood boards theyre all so pretty

  2. Every single moodboard you ever make inspires me, and I just want to thank you for that. I'm really in love with this whole stereotypical teenage girl who pukes pastel colors and prom and pretty things and all of that.

    1. that's so nice of you, thanks Kani!

      While I would like to acknowledge girls are multi-faceted and complex, I like this stereotypical view too!