Monday, December 9, 2013

In the spirit of things

Wearing: Thrifted blouse and pearls, skirt from Quirky Circus, soup can socks from Dangerfield, Vans shoes.

This is what happens when I have nothing to do with my life and I stalk people I have never met on Instagram and soak in granny-style vibes. It might be more potent if I had grey hair and drew wrinkles on my face but... it's kind of already been done ya know? I need to think of something even more crazy and shocking that will make John Waters become my fangirl.
This outfit was seriously lacking a big brooch with pressed flowers or needlepoint or something but I wore gold rings for *BLING* instead and my Christmas Teddy badge for garish holiday spirit. This blouse is my favourite thrift store find and I'm pretty sure it's handmade, which makes it feel even more special since it has a strange but personal history to it.


  1. Such an adorable quirky look!! Love it I always wish I could pull this off! You do perfectly

  2. So cute and unique I love it <3

    ps Just wanted to let my followers know that my URL has changed from to so you will have to follow me again if you want to see my posts on google reader! Alternatively, you can follow me on bloglovin' :)