Saturday, December 7, 2013

home is where the heart is

If you're a reader of Rookie Mag you'll probably have already read the tear-jerking Editor's Letter from Tavi regarding this month's theme: Forever. This post isn't necessarily a response to that letter, but a happy coincidence that describes what it's sometimes like to be a teenage girl in pictures. What I like about all the photos in this mood board is that although they happened in different times, different places and even made up places in movies, they all seem to convey the general pain of adolescence. We connect with them because we too experienced the elation of a first kiss, the heartbreak of losing a best friend through a stupid fight and because it's painful.
Adolescence is a universal experience and is in some ways ephemeral- we are reminded of it when we meet old friends, the guardians who protect the memory of our former selves however dorky or uncool. When we see teenagers riding the bus, at the milk bar and we feel it when grocery shopping with our parents again. Even when deemed 'adults' by the rest of the planet I like to imagine conversations with my past self, I wonder whether teenage me would approve of university student me. I have very few 'first time' experiences left to me- all the wonder and magic of relationships, night life and friendship have lost their zeal to me and each new day is just something to add to a growing list of events in my life. I'm not the first to say this but I suppose I am mourning. Mourning for the idealism of inexperience and the identity of myself in the last summer before sex.

1b, c- Growing old is getting old by Josh Hedge. 2, 3a- Model: Shelbie Dimond, Styling: Hana Crumley; b- Sex Pistols fangirl in her bedroom (1979), c- unknown via, d- Natalie Wilson. 4a- unknown via, b- tripping journeys through kiev, lada matis by amy gwatkin for dazed digital.
5a- actress Jan Sterling, b- Natalie Wilson, c. 6. 7a, b- Thomas Hanks,
- Paris 1960s by Maria Austria. 8a, b- Jordan Tiberio, c- unknown via.

9b- The School of Rock (2003), c- A teenage Beatles fan in her room 1964 Photo by Peike Reintjes. 10- High School Hellcats (1958). 11a- Oyster Fashion: ‘Blunt’ Shot by Marie-Fleur Charlesworth, b, c- Jennifer Finch & Courtney Love. 13c- Beetlejuice (1988). 14a- The Virgin Suicides (1999), b. 15. 16a, b- Nova Scotia, Canada (1970s), c- The Royal Tenenbaums (2001). 17- CLAIRE’S KNEE (ERIC ROHMER, 1970). 18a, b. 19. 1a, 9a, 13b- Martin Hyers & William Mebane.12a, b, 18c - Beatles fangirls of the 60’s. 4c, 13a, 14c, - Saddle shoes, 1950s.

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