Friday, December 13, 2013


Wearing: POMS earrings, thrifted blazer, American Apparel blouse, school uniform skirt and Wittner holographic brogues.

I wanted to create an outfit that fitted the definition of the teenage dream as defined by pop cult movies like Clueless (1995), Heathers (1988) and Pretty in Pink (1986). My skirt looks like a mess because a.) I do not take care of my things and b.) it is the skirt I had to wear during high school so naturally I resent its existence- but it does occasionally come in handy so I won't be throwing it out anytime soon. I have also come to the realization that I have very few pairs of low cut shoes and need to invest in a nice pair of saddle shoes or splash out on some glittery pink to wear with this blazer in the future. I was so happy to buy it for $2 despite the stain on the collar and the fact I can't do up the buttons. It also makes my POMS earrings look even cuter (was that even possible!?) which I bought in a charity auction.

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