Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2014- Huh already?

What a nutty year. I think I should acknowledge that New Year's Resolutions are way annoying but they are also kind of funny. My 2013 resolutions were:
  1. Keep a journal of photos and fashion stuff. I didn't start keeping it until May but I have all my magazines and glitter glue organised on a special desk now.
  2. Learn how to knit. I said this last year but I ran out of time OK?
  3. Thrift shop more. The one thing I actually did!
  4.  Keep blogging. Let's see...299 posts from 2013. Not bad.
  5. Watch more influential movies. I tried... sort of.
  6. Stop procrastinating. Um.  
  7. Stop procrastinating. Not really.
I blinked for a second in August  and *BOOM* it's December, Christmas has come and gone, and we're preparing to ring in the new year. Like how does this keep happening every single year!? My whole life is an existence mirroring a VHS tape on rewind, or shrouded in a fog of Bill Murray movies and Groundhog Day references. This year I got to meet my blogging hero Tavi Gevinson and she hugged me ~swoon~, I made new friends at university (I'm in with the cool kidz u guyz!), I won $500 which I spent on buying a new camera, my Canon Eos 60D and I kept up with blogging.

I cultivated my tastes a bit more, I read and managed to keep my grades up and I kept some journals. My moodboards have really come along and I think this one is particularly nice because it has strong teenage influences and I'd like to be a teen forever. I have a new job which is going swimmingly and everything seems to be on track, but I am kind of sad that this year is over already because it has been such a good year. I'm now plotting world domination via the blogosphere so I think that will be my New Year's Resolution for 2014 or whatever.

1a, b- Bobbly Rainbow Socks, c- The Skinny Artist. 2- Tavi Gevinson. 3a- "Best Friends Forever": Photographed by Eleanor Hardwick for Rookie Mag, b- Girl Interrupted (1999), c- Ghost World by Daniel Clowes. 4a & b- Berta Pfirsich Photography. 5a, b- “Do You Remember The First Time?” featuring The Virgin Suicide cast by Sofia Coppola and Corinne Day, c- Ghost World (2001). 6- Rookie Mag. 7a- Tavi Gevinson, b, c. 8- Petra Collins for Rookie Mag. 9a- via Rookie Mag, b- Bobbly Rainbow Socks, c-The Teenage Gaze by Petra Collins. 10- Molly Ringwald as Andie Walsh in Pretty in Pink (1986). 


  1. 2013 went by extremely fast for me, too!!! I really love your moodboard on this post. Probably my favorite one thus far! Can't wait to see your posts for next year ♡

    1. this is kind of my favourite moodboard too
      thanks Tessa- you too :-)

  2. stop procrastinating... working on that too.. happy new year :)

    1. A handy tip is deleting annoying games off your phone! :)