Thursday, November 21, 2013

Summer in Suburbia

While many of you are sipping on hot cups of cocoa and piling on layers of wonderful woolen bobble hats, cardigans and knitted sweaters from grandma I will be sweltering in the hot Australian sun this summer. I generally dislike summer because I find it difficult to figure out what to wear without walking around butt-nude when I need to go grocery shopping and wear something appropriate or whatever but the rose-tinted glasses of nostalgia have yet again made me feel slightly excited for warmer weather. I think I have been slightly brain-washed by a sea of Facebook statuses with little emojis of hearts and the sun.

But all of that is OK because I used this energy to make a
summer-themed mood board to make all of you North American and European readers jealous in the knowledge that I will get to enjoy months (literally months!) spent crafting, blogging and creating collages. University doesn't resume until March and until then I will be nervously waiting by the phone hoping to hear back for a job interview and a volunteer position at Melbourne Museum.

1, 2a, b- The Bed And Bath Book, Terence Conran ©1978; 3a, b- Choi Junyoung and Kim Jinkyung by Shin Seonhye for Vogue Girl Korea September 2013, c.
4a- unknown via Rookie Mag, b, c; 5- Andrew Lyman - Alone Together; 6a- Illuminated, TO2W by √Čtienne Saint-Denis, b, c- Miss World video clip, Hole; 7- Party animals by elizabitchtaylor, 1969.
8a- Bikini Kill, b, c- Heavenly Creatures (1994); 9a- Colour the Sky by Ben Giles, b- unknown, c- unknown via; 10- unknown via.
11a- Young lady in Evening Sun, b- Andrew Lyman - Alone Together; 12.
13- Television photographed by David Godlis, NYC, 1977; 14a- Sky Ferreira, b- Clueless (1995), c- Best Slumber Party Ever.

I also made a playlist connected to all these feelings of nostalgia I've been going through.
(Playlist image via The Down Lowe Photo)

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  1. Once again, you have totally inspired me with your faded, nostalgic, dreamy summery vibes. Thank you,