Sunday, November 17, 2013

Soup for one, salad for one, wine for three

Wearing: Soupy Dress and matching socks from Dangerfield, Topshop X JW Anderson Sweater, vintage blouse, thrifted tights, Dr Martens boots, Penguin book bag.

School's out, exams are done (finally) and I am back- ready to blog, make journal pages and be creative again!
This particular outfit was inspired by this look created by Madison who I briefly met at the Melbourne Writer's Festival for Tavi's World way back in August. But I tried to add my own twist to it minus the glittery lurex and with some cute hosiery. I wore this outfit to the group interview for Dangerfield on Friday, then treated myself to some shopping buying magazines and cute notebooks. Dangerfield is a wonderful Melbourne based brand and clothing store who cottoned on to the vintage revival-train loooong before a lot of other brands did and make their own super flattering dresses in 1950s pinup and 1960s shift dress style in a menagerie of delightful vintage inspired patterns. It's one of the few brands both my mother and I can agree on when we go shopping, so I already had a few pieces in my wardrobe but I must admit this soup can dress is my new favourite piece. Fingers crossed I get the job!

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  1. you're like the girl version of duckie from pretty in pink, amazing !