Monday, November 25, 2013

Creatures of the Wind Spring 2014

Creatures of the Wind toned down their creative quirkiness and feverish display of technique in favour for icy-cool commercial chic with less emphasis on method or ability exhibited by vintage fabrics and lace, but turned their attention to colour with an emphasis on jacquard nightwear, long skirts and chinos wrapped around luscious red lips channeling the 1970s aesthetic. I'm seriously heartbroken that the models didn't walk down the catwalk to Taylor Swift's 'Red' album or Memory Motel by The Rolling Stones but I suppose I am one of the few people that tries to achieve cohesion in fashion, aesthetic and music in a less successful but still fan-girlish way like my hero Tavi Gevinson. I just enjoy the challenge of trying to make everything in life beautiful and giving it some sort of artistic expression or meaning OK? And fashion shows are in some ways a blank canvas to project a lot of feelings and stuff onto in that regard, hence why I find writing about them to be so therapeutic! Anyway,  I thought the intimate runway setting and pure white walls really allowed the clothing to be the centre of attention, illuminating the room in a way only Creatures of the Wind can and again channeling that idea of ephemera inspired by the clothes.
The fashion bloggers that inspire me most speak of characterization and the excitement of channeling different persona through clothing- maybe not as a costume but as a means of playing with identity as a constituent part of their self, particular those who go thrift shopping/buy vintage and mix those pieces with fashion house labels. On occasion I get very attached to this idea which is particularly instilled by cowboy blouses with little finicky embroidered details or I would imagine only owning a selection of cowboy collared shirts like Stephen Stills from the Scott Pilgrim universe (but that would require so much discipline to devote myself to only one type of clothing so it is virtually impossible). So my heart skipped a beat when western cowboy style, sensible shoes and red lipstick were all combined together for the latest Creatures of the Wind collection which echoes 1970s Americana, as well as other regions and some with untraceable origins. This is the calling card of Creatures of the Wind- seeming to have an origin in every era and place and some pieces maybe from a not-so-distant future without being alienating or garish.

Although I have been less than active in the last few months since the rise and fall of monochrome and largely missed out on the fad of checks and grid paper inspired pants, coats and jackets I think this embellished shirt is my favourite piece of the collection. It's simple and yet intricate all at the same time with contrasting collar and sleeves wrapped around a familiar cotton shirt design. Call me old fashioned' or boring but there's something really attractive about the familiar t-shirt elevated to some sort of a higher calling in runway fashion shows. I also thoroughly enjoyed the balance between navy blue and tomato red without nautical references in a more restrained, refined manner that is just classy and decorated with the occasional floral motif, thoughtfully placed here and there on panels of skirts or ingrained into the design and pattern of other pieces.

If you enjoy the thrill of the chase that comes with thrift shopping you will know that finding spectacular gold or silver vintage pieces are a rarity and the few pieces you do find are usually made of crinkly material that threatens to fall off or scratchy, uncomfortable lurex. Finally, 21st century technique has revisited1970s and 1980s glamor and seen the potential in shiny, glittery garments. This shirt is particularly fascinating since again it has those embellished roses sitting beneath the collar and above the bust, but the material gives a futuristic suggestion. Basically, this is the shirt of the original space cowboy which works surprisingly well with the festive red and green brocade skirt when pulled together with red lipstick. Despite the knee length skirt making the overall silhouette of this outfit look long, stretched and albeit sac-like I think when you are showcasing a spectacular pattern, material or other fine detail more is more and making that almost abstract and painterly mesh of red, white and green stretch on forever was a great choice. Last week I went to a job interview for a retail position and one of the funner tasks was pulling together an outfit under the criteria of 'Christmas Dinner at Aunty Flo's House'- if this skirt was on the racks I would have gleefully grabbed it since I love crass Christmas spirit.

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