Friday, November 29, 2013

Bad Girls

I can't possibly hope to deliver the Fall Vibes mood board you are all yearning for, not with the hot oppressive blanket of summer heat and chirping of cicadas acting as a constant reminder the weather is not going to get any colder. But these icy cool images of rebel girls in equally chilly black and white comes pretty damn close to that feeling of scintillation that inevitably comes with the changing of the seasons so you'll all have to make do. I tried to mimic some sort of spiritual floatiness or close to an amateur photo shoot inspired by the renegade ways of best friends Thelma & Louise. Even with all my free time during the holidays, it's a bitter sweet reminder of how difficult I find it to stay close with my girl gang from high school. And you know what? That really sucks sometimes, because although I never shared everything I obsessed over sometimes I think they secretly did love all the weird crap I was into.

1a- 60s women mugshots via, b- Bikini Kill via, c- Vintage Versace campaign. 3- kittenwaves: renata draws a shoujo titled “my girlfriend is a badass”. 4. 5. 6. 8a-
60s women mugshots via, b- unknown, c. 9- unknown via. 11a, b- March 1965 - Cynthia, Maureen and Pattie enjoying Cokes and tea at the Edelweiss Hotel while waiting for their men to finish filming a scene outside the hotel, c- 60s women mugshots via.
2a, b, 7, 10- MARY ELIZABETH & MAXINE ANASTASIA- Lucia O’Connor-McCarthy Photography.

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