Friday, October 11, 2013


Wearing: Dad's shirt, Quirky Circus skirt, thrifted tights, Wittner holographic brogues. Crosses from mum and my best friend.

This shirt is a hand-me-down from my Dad but the collar is perfect and it was nice to wear something comfy and grey when I was feeling sad and stuff. I guess I just feel blocked up creatively and my grades are getting worse and it's all becoming a little too much for me to handle really? And when I say my grades are getting worse, I mean I am no longer cutting my teeth on the academic elite and now I'll just be happy to be considered for an honours degree or whatever. But this also comes with trying to work less and spend more time out just to relax and do things I like so I'm managing my time in a more realistic and meaningful way as opposed to "WORK ALL THE TIME GO! GO! GO! PERFECTION NOW!!!"- which is not a realistic way to live your life. I feel like I am rambling but that is because it is eleven o'clock at night and I am sleepy.

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