Wednesday, October 9, 2013


So maybe you wondered where I was last week (or maybe you barely noticed)- anyway the story is that I was on geology camp. It was a lot of hard work but totally rewarding because I made lots of new friends and *understand things a lot better*, but I feel happy to be back in my room, reunited with my diaries and surrounding myself with weird trinkets. So while I was mapping a landscape, Petra Collins recently hosted an art exhibition entitled 'Gynolandscape', in which works were made by women and the space was a place for feminists. And the whole  got me thinking about women's role in society, because what I also learned on camp is that just because some guy has a PhD does not automatically mean he treats women with respect. I found this pretty disappointing, but really there are many types of intelligence and knowledge in the world and having one set of knowledge does not equate to having any other.

At the moment I have all these ideas about how vaginas make male politicians and scientists feel uncomfortable, as well as the lash back Petra Collins has faced when collaborating with American Apparel to make a shirt of menstruation and female masturbation (with pubic hair!). I think this energy could best be harnessed as a new emergent artistic direction for my diaries, as an inspiration to decorate my room in shrines and the general urge to make my room into its own gynolandscape- or female dominated space if you will.

1a- MIA for Interview Magazine, b- Minna Gilligan for Rookie Mag, c- Meadham Kirchhoff Spring 2011.
2a- Petra Collins for American Apparel, b. 3a, b- unknown, c.
Florent Tanet - 2013. 5a- Liddle Kiddle,
b- unknown via Minna Gilligan. 6a- But I'm a Cheerleader (1999),
b- Minna Gilligan, c- Rookie Mag. 7- unknown. 8a, b, c- unknown. 9- Ginette Lapalme.10a, b, c.

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