Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Ruby Tuesday

So one thing I found out when writing this post is that organising everything according to colour is hard work. Thank god there aren't too many Rolling Stones songs combining the days of the weeks with other colours of the rainbow. Even though it sounds like I'm apathetic and complaining I was still motivated to compile these images and create some sort of imaginary world.

Vintage vinyl records with accompanying covers, red lipstick and neon lights were the biggest source of inspiration and influence on this composite world. So in a way it culminates my favourite things about art, being a woman and music together in a slightly trashing wrapping. Not all of it is trashy, but there are some cheesy images and red light districts seem to be the one place in the modern world where this shade of red exists. Brighter shades of red were borrowed from rare 1970s photographs and film with just the right balance of faded yellows and browns. It was kind of difficult to find that exact cherry red that I wanted but it was well worth it to create a dreamy and elusive sense of cohesion.

1- The Shining (1980), 2-unknown , 3- Beck: Loser (1993), 4a & c- via whoresatmydoor; b.
5- Bratmobile: Ladies, Women and Girls (2000). 6- via Style Rookie. 7- Moonrise Kingdom (2012).
8a, b- Bratmobile, c- Design Implications of New Media, Issue 1, 1999. 
9a- Synchrodogs, b- Lime Crime lipstick, c- via. 10. 11. 12
13a- Rookie Mag, b- whoresatmydoor, c- Lime Crime lipstick. 14- Heart: Dreamboat Annie. 15- Claude Lévêque.

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