Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Preen Spring 2014

If you could do me a favor and listen to 'Tessellate' by Alt-J that would make what I'm about to say so much more poignant and witty. Not because I think I have a particularly wonderful taste in music but just because I have a punny sense of humour and like torturing you all. In his 2014 collection for Spring,Thornton Bregazzi unleashed both explosions of colour packaged in minimalist slip dresses and pastel tones in sharp silhouettes with the chic addition of sneaky metal buckle straps more suited to backpacks and handbags. I obviously found the geometry and romance of triangles to be the most engrossing factor of the collection but I also enjoyed the toned down minimalism of refreshing dresses suited for spring worn with invisible perspex sandals. The contrast of clean lines and simple design made the hot pink hues and general artistic flair of colourful pieces even more startling. But you know, it's the startling books and films that are the most eye-opening and leave a longer impression on the viewer and although the comparison may be a bit crass I think the same can be said for fashion.

I feel like if they were to remake the Clueless movie, but they can't because Brittany Murphy is an irreplaceable gem and we miss her dearly; it would be a crime to exclude this dress with spaghetti straps, leathery texture and overall pink gleam. I happen to own a pair of marabou feather earrings that would look lovely with that generally Valley Girl aesthetic, or just generally if you own a fluffy pen or some jelly sandals for poolside couture. Or if a girl is getting robbed on the street in a sketchy neighbourhood will her main complaint about the scenario be: a.) lying on the ground is icky or b.) carjacking isn't a nice thing. I happen to prefer the aquatic fantasy/ fluffy pen with diary idea mainly because it's Spring, all I want to do these days is journal/ collage and make art and I have developed an obsession over tiles arranged in outdoor poles, water fountains and bathrooms. It's just kind of nice to see everything in such a neat little order and it makes me ~nostalgic~ over Summer and eating ice cream without feeling like my guts hate me and instead enjoying gooey pink falvoured residue on all my clothes.

I've finally faced facts; I am not a famous fashion blogger getting invited to sit front row at New York Fashion Week and I cannot justify spending hundreds of dollars on a skirt or top. I am, in fact a simple science student but I am also someone who does want to be creative and have good intentions. What's even better is that I know someone who had a sewing machine and have enough technical abilities to make patchwork as long as I concentrate and do not try to multi task watching popular HBO series, which tends to result in me getting confused and muddled. So when I don't have assignments constantly sucking up my energy like some demonic paper towel from hell I would like to try to recreate this palette of pink, blue and yellow in a skirt of my own, or if all else fails I can make a cushion (because you can't go wrong with making a giant square!). And it gives me enough time to run around thrift stores in my local area locating squares of fabric suitable for a Frankenstein-esque project of textile prolific proportions.

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