Sunday, September 1, 2013


Wearing: Romance Was Born top and skirt, holographic brogues from Wittner shoes, Poms earrings, baby barrettes from etsy (ginettepomette), DIY unicorn and rosary brooch.
Wearing tonnes of pink and green together feels super lame but I’m just really excited about spring, so dressing like this kind of validates my feelings about the seasons (kind of) and how wonderful it is now that it's September. I know, using the weather as an excuse for being uncreative is pretty weak (on a scale of 1 to The Dog Ate my Homework it ranks highly) but it’s totally depressing when the sky is grey all the time, for some creepy reason there are no shadows on the ground and the wind makes your hair feel gross. EVERY DAY. The holographic accessories save this outfit from being a total cliché and instead inject a quirky sense of attitude, nostalgic of superheroes like the Pink Poweranger.

So instead of quoting Meryl Streep saying “Florals? For spring? Ground-breaking,” you’ll be all like, gee Adele, you look cool today! (…maybe) It’s also the perfect time to show off my new earrings! Before I went in store I really wanted to buy a pair in blue, but no one else on instagram is rocking this colour so I feel unique and special when I wear them. Also, the lady who makes these is heavily pregnant and hence can’t keep up with all the orders for her jewellery. That’s what the sales assistant told me anyway. I didn’t want to wait an extra month for them to receive new stock. Anyway! They wrapped them up in a holographic foil envelope- so in a weird way everything about this look is cohesive. Or maybe just the narrative and story behind it is unified in feelings.

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