Thursday, September 12, 2013

Judy is a Punk

Wearing: Romance Was Born top, landscape blouse from eBay, Quirky Circus skirt, earrings from Lady Petrova, Dr Martens boots.

I’m a little sad that there’s not a great deal of tulle in my wardrobe so I can’t float around like Drew Barrymore at the 1995 VMAs or be like Courtney Love wearing Versace at the 1997 Batman and Robin premiere (see Style Rookie- DID YOU ACTUALLY DYE YOUR HAIR??*). But can we just focus on how I am dressed like a gothic lizard-princess today and have tiny unicorn earrings? And that’s so much cooler and more interesting right!? *sarcasm* I’m still road testing all the great Romance Was Born stuff I bought at the Alice Euphemia sale and figuring out how best to integrate them into my wardrobe. Which means more delightfully clumsy selfies with plenty of bitchfacing and outfit posts coming soon but I figure since I'm going to procrastinate anyway I may as well be creative about it.

*I am not yelling at you

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