Monday, September 16, 2013

Freaks and Geeks

Wearing: My Brother's denim jacket, a vintage denim shirt, Quirky Circus skirt, Jeffrey Campbell x Wildfox shoes.

For the last week or so I've been obsessing over the Freaks and Geeks opening sequence and the school themed photo shoot Rookie Mag did in response to Freaks and Geeks; all while totally loathing my assignments for university. Ah, sweet irony. And by the end of next week I'm not going to be a teenager anymore so, basically, this is my last chance to reinact bad school photos without being a creepy adult.
But seriously, I was motivated by one image in particular and Tavi's rad collection of buttons and also wanted to exploit my mother's skirt. Which looks totally great with what could possibly be the world's most dangerous pair of shoes. 
My collection of badges are gifts and things accumulated over the years: some are my brother's, my Mom gave me some and I made a few of them. The patch of the globe/ basketball* was given to me by my workplace (to signify that I lasted five years without quitting WOOO! GO ME!) but I kind of want more of these. I can guarantee you will find me in the corner of every thrift store over the Summer, trying to reinvent and collect long lost treasures.
*because I'm a basketball referee, duh

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