Saturday, September 7, 2013

Fluorescent Adolescent

I made this collage/ photo set/ mood board THING in a celebration of bad art, Tavi Gevinson, stickers, feminist patches, hair dye, Hole and nauseating amounts of the colour pink. All the things that come to mind when you read Rookie Mag and general blogs run by inspiring young women that make me feel fuzzy and warm on the inside like holding kittens. I'm also turning 20 in a few days so I guess I wanted to collate all the things I wish I had been cool enough to love as a teenager- I mean I used hair dye but it was always terribly streaks rather than a whole head of red or blue hair (I was strictly banned from blue). My hair is naturally black so the commitment to hydrogen peroxide and visiting a proper hairdresser and not our family friend who cuts hair was a terrifying thought. 

There had always been feminist stubborn streak even in elementary school when the most smelly and unpopular boy in my year level said "girls were weak" or something to that effect, so I hit him and made him cry.
But when that incident occurred I was only 10 and even when I got to high school I was totally oblivious to zines, feminist rock bans and only really aspired to getting good grades and collecting images from eBay of vintage clothes I wanted to buy. I'm not really sure why I'm writing this, other than to acknowledge that I am getting old and I will stop being a teenager by the end of this month. But everything that I idolise about cool teenagers- including candy wrappers, journals and cheap art will continue to inspire me for years to come. So in a way, I don't feel nearly as bad about being old as I used to.

1a- Grease (1978), b. 2- Hole - Live Through This Promotional Material.
3- Amaya Arzuaga S/S 2013. 4a- Raoul Dufy- Composition Fleurie, b, c- unknown. 5

6- Yen Issue 64. 7- Minna Gilligan. 8- POMS earrings in Catalogue magazine.
9a, b- via, c. 10- unknown via.

11a- Lost in Translation (2003), b- Rookie Mag, c
- Live Through This Promotional Material. 12- Grimes. 13-
Jayne Mansfield (1966). 14a- Space 15 Twenty ad, b- Tavi Gevinson. 16. 17.


  1. I love these pictures, and I love the pink. Its so amazing

    1. it's a "happy colour" is what my mum would say