Thursday, September 19, 2013

Alexander Wang Spring 2014

I can quietly hear the ghost of my teenage self whooping loudly and hollering at the idea of thick heeled platform shoes being cool- because when I had any social event/ dance/ debutante ball/ THING to go to my main concern was shoes. Or rather, my main phobia was attached to falling flat on my butt in front of my entire year level because I am a horrible dancer was well as uncoordinated. Well chin up! Alexander Wang have launched a series of shoes that are delightfully clunky in black leather and pristine white; the footwear equivalent to the "unsinkable" Titanic (ignoring the fact the Titanic is somewhere on the ocean floor of the Atlantic, because you really should not wear these shoes anywhere near icebergs). Oh, also I did not embarrass myself at any of the above social events. My Valedictory Dinner also went OK, I did not spear myself on my certificate or the wine glass they present each graduating year level. That was a highlight of my high school years. Anyway! I think we can all agree that the platform and heel of these shoes are Enid Coleslaw worthy and we should all wear our best-grumpy frowns, leather jackets and cat eye glasses while wearing them.

I thought the subliminal message stitching was the highlight of the collection, although there has already been serious hype around the 'Parental Advisory' sweater dubbed the new street style piece ( undoubtedly every factory in China will be replicating in the next few months). But that seemed to lack three-dimensional depth and didn't really demonstrate any bewildering techniques when it came to texture or printing whereas the 'Alexander Wang' white text on black seemed to be so-the perfect step between futuristic fashion and the present. It meshed with the art installation vibes and precise engineering of the white pipes in the background of the runway but kept with the simple school girl aesthetic that inspired Wang in the first place. I can already imagine a legion of girls in their bedrooms cutting away and reinventing old school uniform with ribbon-like suspender braces, long loose sleeved crop blouses and chunky orthopedic shoes. But they'll miss that crucial key step of minute detail on the pleats of their skirts, which keeps this piece exclusive within the realm of fashion circle socialites. And it's that application of new technology together with fashion that creates a cool fusion of practicality and style, signature to Alexander Wang; on the top of his game.

Finally the viewer was left with a lust for modern lederhosen, sauerkraut and Ikea furniture (seriously, am I the only one reminded of their couch after the last three outfits?) provided by chic leather punctuated again by strategic shapes to spell out Alexander Wang all over again. Those European comparisons may be a slight over-exaggeration but it just feels like this approach to the fabric and technique are too clever to come from anywhere else other than Sweden. Also you seldom find leather pants in any other country unless you include the abandoned pairs lurking in thrift stores (there is at least one lonely pair that was abandoned when the wearer could no longer pull them off). I think what's really fun about this design though is shameless self-promotion, which every brand is guilt of, has also been combined with ventilation resulting in cool clothing that hopefully will not sweat too much in Summer. Don't get me wrong, I love sunny weather but Summer in Australia + global warming can be tough when you also want to wear cute clothing. 

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