Friday, August 23, 2013

We are the weirdos, mister

I mailed off my old camera today and my new one still hasn't arrived yet; I am feeling very cranky. It has just a few hours to arrive until Rookie Day and opportunities to photograph fellow Rookie readers- not to mention my personal style hero Tavi Gevinson! I'll admit, since the launch of Rookie Mag, she's moved away from eclectic Avant Garde outfits but for someone so young to be so well articulated and to have met such success- well it's nothing short of inspiring. But I'm still looking forward to going shopping and meeting girls I've been talking to on the Internet during the last fortnight. If I don't have a decent digital camera to document the activities though, I will rip my hair out. Also during the week I've been analysing the best way to write and address readers via a blog thanks to the super dorky compulsory Writing For Science unit I have to do as part of my degree. It's not too awful though, I just have to raise the same questions about blogging and what constitutes someone who is well articulated and which layouts and fonts convey ideas the best. Needless to say, I'm stalking all my favourites for inspiration.

1 ,2a, b- Daria, c- Rookie Mag at Space 15 Twenty,
3a, b, c- Moonrise Kingdom (2012), 4, 5- Twin Peaks,
6a via, b- Petra Collins X Glassons, c- Freaks and Geeks.
7, 9b, 10, 15- via Style Rookie, 8, 9a, c-unknown.
11- Daria. 12a,c- Style Rookie, b- Girls (HBO).
13- unknown. 14a- Proenza Schouler SS10, b & c- unknowns.
16a- poopsoup, b- Girls (HBO), c- Daria. 17- Moonrise Kingdom.


  1. I really like all the colours in this post! Such good inspiration! Especially those pom pom earrings!!

  2. Hey hey hey you put in my pink floyd collage that is so cool!!

    1. Thank you for being cool about me using it ^_^ I always credit when I can