Thursday, August 8, 2013

Teen Witch

Wearing: Hair barrette and mushroom bead from etsy (ginettepomette), Romance was Born dress (worn backwards), thrifted floral top, check shirt from my Dad, deadstock tights, Dr Martens boots, DIY rosary brooch and thrifted pearl necklace.

If you've seen my most recent outfits this week, you might say I have an unhealthy obsession with my new pink hair clip. Thankfully, you are all too far away to launch a successful intervention and I will therefore proceed in making all my outfits look cute and never take it off. Continuing to look cute and wear pink I wanted to be a bit of a tramp/ bag lady and wear complicated layers and pretty necklaces as well.

Photographing today's outfit was a bit annoying because of the blinding sunlight (in the middle of Winter? This could only happen in Melbourne) but I managed to find a shady spot. I think the *flowiness* of each over sized layer went well with more long and exaggerated necklaces, but the obnoxious colours and patterns made it more youth-centric. Balancing stereotypes of age was always going to be a bit tough, but I did like my accessories today. In fact it might be one of my favourite jewelery combinations, just for the strange mixture of motifs- a slight, comical reference to drugs provided by a mushroom with religion and pearls.

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