Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Talking like a jerk, except you are an actual jerk

Wearing: Mum's denim shirt, Dad's check shirt, Cue skirt, deadstock tights and Wittner holographic brogues.

Please ignore my strange and blurry face, even though it's kind of cool like those creepy twin girls from The Shining. I wasn't so much influenced by their pastel coloured dresses and ringlet curls compared to London fashion blogger Susie Bubble's eclectic style lately. It's been longer than I had intended since my last outfit post, but the weather has been thoroughly awful lately (hence why I took these photos inside for a change). Also I am waiting on my new camera, a Canon EOS 60d to hurry up and arrive in the mail- which means better quality photographs and a handy flip screen for self-portraiture (YAY!). But if it doesn't come in the next week or so, I will likely pull out all my hair from the ~suspense~ or pull a Scott Pilgrim and sit on the mat outside our front door and wait it out. Probably a combination of the two plus crying.


  1. I need those shoes! They're fab! You have such great style/awesome clothes.

    I totally did a Scott Pilgrim when I was waiting from my new camera to arrive! I literally sat in front of my computer all day refreshing the Fed Ex tracking page.
    Hope you're camera comes soon!

    1. I really want to wear these shoes next week for MWF but they're a size too small and hurt my feet >_<

      I just hope my camera arrives safe!