Sunday, August 4, 2013

Seeing Red

I've been angry all week and therefore thinking about the colour red a lot. Red because that's the colour of every angry emoji everywhere and it's just a nice stereotype to think about when everything seems so complex this week. Unfortunately in my quest to compile the perfect red themed photoset, I had trouble tracking down aesthetically pleasing images that really convey my feelings; which made me feel even more annoyed.

I don't think girls are really encouraged to express anger in a healthy way, I know I don't and tend to bottle everything up until it's two in the morning and I feel exhausted trying to reconcile my thoughts and feelings which have manifested in the form of inner demons. These images are mostly just pretty to look at, but for the creepy suburban ones I think they help explain the false pretense us girls sometimes have to deal with it- because that's what our parents/teachers and stuff expect from us. In fact, we don't have any expectations we need to live up do. Expectations are just artificial constraints that stifle our creativity and expression. So in the spirit of being creative, here's some pictures of queens and weirdness that celebrates emotion and feminism while looking cute/ sassy wearing the colour red.

1a- Oyster beauty daily J-Pop, b- Edie Campbell for Tank Magazine, c. 2- via.
3a, 4, 5b, 7- Style Rookie, b- unknown, c- Lucy Folk.
4a- Sassy magazine November 1978, b- her name is Heather Lynn, c- Petra Collins: The Female Gaze.
6a, c- internetkhole. 8a- unknown, b- Salvation Mountain, c
- internetkhole.
9- Heathers (1988) screencaps. 10-
Autumn de Wilde's video for Noah and the Whale.
11a, b- I Spit on Your Grave (1978), c
- internetkhole.

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