Thursday, August 29, 2013

School Blues

So I heard some of you will need to go back to school/ are in the midst of rediscovering how much you loathe an education in which everyone of your peers in the hallways is a jerk and what you learn will never be applicable to everyday life. That's cool- I'm in week five of a twelve week semester and have three assignments to do. But you know what? I prefer procrastinating and talking to you because you're cool. I've been thinking a lot about where I live in suburban Melbourne and how it has shaped my ideas about humanity and for my next diary I want to create a landscape of bright colours but very sad and sombre tones. Power lines and domestic motifs such as drive-thru fast food eateries and cafeterias and lockers... that's what I'm feeding off at the moment. Think of Daniel Clowe's Ghost World, but peppered with texta smeared badly across every page, pop culture references and an overwhelming sense of a teenage female presence. I can't wait to really get stuck into making it and show you guys- even if it's bad art. Because at least I made something and being proud of bad art can be a good thing.

1- Ginger and Rosa (2012), 2a i-D Magazine, b- Carrie (1976), c- Twin Peaks.
3- Kate Moss via; 4a, b- Flirting (1991), c- unknown. 5.
6a- unknown, b- Blue is the Warmest Color (2013), c- witchhboy etsy.
7- The Virgin Suicides (1999), 8- The Supremes; 9a-
Self Service Magazine, b via Style Rookie, c- Photo by Bill Owens.
10, 11; 12a- unknown, b & c-
Osamu Yokonami, 12-
Osamu Yokonami.
13a- unknown, b- unlnown, c- Molly Ringwald.


  1. love love love the pictures especially the Supremes

  2. school girl vibes yes!!!!
    i would love to see your diary!