Thursday, August 22, 2013

Karen Walker Eyewear X Advanced Style

It seems kind of strange that already so much time has passed since the launch of the latest Karen Walker Eyewear campaign, which featured the lovely ladies of Advanced Style. It was so long ago, that even now I have already bought a pair of these gorgeous sunglasses (Intergalactic in Pink) and shown off my shades in two photos hoots. Many fashion blogs were abuzz with this collaboration of two genius empires- showing everyone that you can remain in style even in old age. But the composition of each photograph and proportions remains much the same in that familiar Karen Walker style you can view from campaigns as early as 2008. What gets me really excited about the launch of sunglasses from this powerhouse each season is the new motifs and frames shown off in pictures. And fervently working out how I'll get my hands on a pair, which is my favourite and what goes well with my wardrobe.

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  1. ugh I adore karen walker so much.. I wish i got sunglasses from her instead of the ones that I have now... even though I love mine, but I didn't notice they were suede until after the prescription lenses were put in -_- so I'm always afraid to wear them out if they get wet or something ugh :/