Thursday, August 1, 2013

I Love Lenko

About a week ago now, a bunch of boutique stores in inner city Melbourne banded together in an unofficial block party of sorts, under Flinder's Lane Shopping Night. I popped into just three shops in the Cathedral Arcade, sampled an apple cider, collected freebies such as nail stickers and artsy/ indie publications and came crawling home again. Although I wanted to make the most of having the night off, a luxury I'll soon forget in the next few days and coming weeks, I stuck to the stores I knew and wasn't much in the mood for exploring. Lenko (opened by Dana Lenko) is by far my favourite shop with its distinctive Melbournian style, wonderful selection of clothing and friendly staff. Everything is bright and well light, making the most of the beckoning floorspace- it even includes kitsch handmade accessories such as paper chains and quilt adorning the walls. I didn't buy anything- feeling too crippled by guilty after buying a piece of furniture for $90 on a whim but I did enjoy photographing the wonderful pieces and eyeballing finer details such as sequins, beads and a mouth-watering array of food themed jewellery and pop culture birthday cards.

If you're ever in town or on a budget, I highly recommend you hit up the store and chat with the girls. Everyone I've spoken to has been a delight so far and they bring in brands such as Lazy Oaf from the United Kingdom, Spirithoods, Minty Meets Munt, Eat Me Do, Symantha Rose and heaps of others! In a word, the shopping experience is enlightening.

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