Monday, August 19, 2013

I don't know

I've been in a bit of a strange mood lately- not because I feel sad or melancholic, everything is actually great. It's more like being a ghost in my own life and drifting around aimlessly everyday. College isn't really exciting me at the moment and having my morning cup of coffee is the best part of my day. It's rather pathetic- I could try to draw meaningless parallels between Twin Peaks, The Virgin Suicides or Ghost World but nothing creepy is going on and there are no appreciable examples of humanity. I swear, everyone is just a jerk these days. I suppose there's this weird sense of nostalgia I'm stuck in, an ambiguous cloud of nothing. I think these images convey how I feel in pictures since I have been wearing frilly socks and white tights lately, but it ignores the many sweaters I've had to wear because of the crappy weather. I think all the green grass and nature in these pictures too also says a lot about me and how I want to feel connected to this idealized picture I have of forests. 

1a- via Style Rookie, b- Bobbly Rainbow Socks, c- Satan's School for Girls (2000).
3a- Miu Miu FW11, b- The Virgin Suicides (1999), c- Sister Janet Mead.
4b- Ghost World (2001); a, c- unknowns. 6a- Twin Peaks, b, c- Style Rookie.
7a- photographed by Pierre Debusschere for AnOther Magazine,
b- Style Bubble, c- Freaks and Geeks.
8a- photographed by Osamu Yokonami for Soen Magazine,
b- unknown, c- Hayley Morgan.

9- The Birds (1963). 10- Comme des Garcons SS13.
11a- Autumn de Wilde by Peter Jensen, b- The Shining (1980), c. 13
2, 5, 12-
"Girls Gallery" by Sasayama Ji Xin 1997.

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  1. Ugh I feel exactly the same way. I'm constantly in a bubble of nostalgia because reality is crappy and the weather is making me sad.