Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Go Gothic

Wearing: Romance Was Born skirt, J.W. Anderson X Topshop sweater, vintage blouse, Poms earrings.

At the moment I think I’m unconsciously fangirling over geometry. If you look closely at the pattern of my skirt and the beads of my rosary necklace, which glows in the dark by the way, there’s a lot of circles and grids. (see outfit post about art school) I just can’t help it though, I have this strange and secret longing to be an artist who listens to vinyl records all day and makes collages! Anyway, that’s what came from my subconscious thoughts after choosing green and purple things to wear today. I loved those two colours together roughly at the age of nine, and the diy unicorn brooch I forgot to wear I have had in my possession forever. It feels like a very natural and comforting look to me. Also there’s some echoes of Neopets faerie THINGS but a little less floaty and more sciency. It feels more satisfying than I make it sound.
These are the first photos with my new camera, a Canon EOS 60d, which I am still trying to figure out but I think they show off how fluffy my earrings are and they're the right shade of green which is also pleasing.


  1. Ah the photos look great! Yay new camera <33 the earrings really bring out the green in the skirt and YOUR SHOES! I've been wanting holographic everything recently.

    1. thank you ^_^ holographic everything is the best