Monday, August 5, 2013

Glassons X Petra Collins

Just like everyone else on the Internet I am slightly freaking out over the collaboration from Petra Collins, known for her work on The Ardorous and Rookie Mag and New Zealand fashion powerhouse Glassons. Petra stars in the campaign and also assists in art direction, lending her unique brand of lofi, dreamy photography to create a Jersey Shore themed photo shoot of boardwalks, motels and Edward Scissorhands pastel houses.

The clothes are a far cry from Collins' usual uniform of vintage 60s dresses with dagger collars and paisley prints, or those fabulous pants worn with a peasant top in this video, but the suburban sheen of denim, anoraks and monochrome has a certain creepy suburban vibe which I love. Another blogger of 'And Other Things' aptly described the shoot as "kind of like Baby-Sitter's Club gone grunge." This description feels perfect to me; and if I could add to it I'd envision a grown up version of Lindsay Weir still stomping around in over sized military jackets and still dealing with boring, often stupid adults and figure heads. Being a bored teenager living in the suburbs myself, feeling the oppressive weight of a culture-less and two-dimensional world I adore the aesthetic expression of the suburbs and major cities being secret hubs of creativity in the way of blogs, diaries and artwork.

Petra Collins collaborating with a major fashion store was a dream come true in my books, romanticising the commercial and opening my eyes to a world of possibilities.
And as you can probably tell, I just can't get enough.


  1. I love Petra Collins, her style is awesome!
    your blog is so cute!

    1. Oh my god same she takes the most awesome photos