Saturday, August 3, 2013

First day of school

Wearing: Hair barrette from etsy (ginettepomette), vintage blouse, J.W. Anderson x Topshop jumper, thrifted pants, vintage backpack and Vans.
Never mind the fact I look like an extra from True Blood or Twilight *shudder* and that my shoes are super boring. The truth is, I'm not walking that well at the moment and needed to go for the safer option of cushy leather saddle shoes, but that's not going to stop me being excited about my first day back at uni! I received another package from one of my favourite etsy stores, Ginette Pomette just in time for today to make my outfit cute instead of all dark and scary vampire punk. In the word's of Ghost World, my outfit would best be described as:
" Enid: ... not like I'm some modern punk, dickhead! It's obviously a 1977 original punk rock look, but I guess Johnny Fuckface over there is too stupid to realize it!
Rebecca: I didn't really get it either.
Enid: Everyone's too stupid!"

By the by, I am not challenging anyone's intelligence with that quote. You are, of course, all aware this wasn't a modern punk rock but a vintage homage, am I right? Good.
And on that note, I hope everyone is having a super fun and wonderful day and I wish you a magical rest of the week.

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