Friday, August 2, 2013


I finally got my act together and cleaned my room, in time before university starts again (yay!). I know it's not a really a big deal, but I usually put this off for ages and ages and just feel discontent and festering in my own sense of resentment when I hang out in my room. So I feel better about the space I live in, and it means I am one step closer to decorating in that Rookie Mag/ teenage girl bedroom aesthetic I've been longing for. With limited space it's a little difficult, but I think now that I've removed a lot of stuff from the floor and moved in my new armchair the next step will be to shred magazines and decorate my walls, eliminating the aspects of boring plain white paint. This photo set is the combination of dreamy posters I'd like to have hanging in my room, cute accessories and portraits I'd like to emulate when I buy a better camera and feel more comfortable photographing indoors. If I had my way, there would be helium balloons and glitter everywhere but that's not practical, is it? I know, I'll find another way to decorate in a kind of obnoxious and wondrous way but I'm still figuring out what that is at the moment.

1a- Photograph by Hiromix, b- unknown. 2a, b- Style Rookie, c. 3a, b, c- unknown.
4a, b- Petra Collins for Vice Magazine, c- Lula Magazine.
5a, b- unknown, c- Rookie Mag.
6a- unknown, b- Lisbon Sisters, c- Marie Antoinette (2006), d- unknown.
7a- unknown, b- Ginette Lapalme, c- Stefanie Schneider. 8a, b- unknowns, c- Meadham Kirchhoff x Nicholas Kirkwood.
9a, b- Skins, c- Rookie Mag. 10- unknown. 11a- Petra Collins for Vice Magazine, b- The Wizard of Oz (1939), c.
12a- Chloe Sevigny, b- unknown.

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