Saturday, August 10, 2013

Alice Euphemia

Ages ago I mentioned visiting some of my favourite boutique stores right here in Melbourne, already reviewing super cool indie scene/ hipster store Lenko- located in Cathedral Arcade. Well, right next door is another sweet shop called Alice Euphemia. It's like the big sister counterpart with the same distinctively fresh and cool Melbournian fashion but with slightly heftier prices.The choice of jewelery is less quirky and more typical of what art gallery gift shops stock in the city and the clothing brands include Romance was Born, Karla Spetic and Emma Mulholland.
You can't really tell, but circular rails wind their way around the floor space creating a dizzying spiral of wonderful clothing all round with display cases of accessories on the adjacent walls.

I didn't take nearly as many photographs in Alice Euphemia, forgetting to include important things such as what the store actually looks like the cutest set of pom pom earrings I have ever laid eyes on but I think you get the gist of it. There's an air of prestige provided from incense burners and $20 candles. If I was a rich kid, I would make this place my scene since it has eclectic pieces oozes patterns and boasting digital printing patterns but also more mature, generally well tailored pieces made from exotic and expensive fabrics. In my mind's eye, an art curator would be a regular shopper here, and I so badly want to make that dream a reality (minus the occupational description).

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