Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A herd of beautiful wild ponies running free across the plains

Wearing: Miss Shop pony blouse, thrifted trousers, Dr Martens boots, hair barrette from etsy (ginettepomette), diy unicorn brooch, thrifted My Little Pony necklace charm.
Today's outfit turned out sickeningly sweet with both pink floral pants and printed pony shirt, so I had to inject some mood of satire to feel more in touch with my teenage angst. What better way than quoting the first episode of the MTV, 1990s animated series Daria? In case it wasn't obvious, she's kind of my hero, I love her humor and borrowed the complete DVD box set from my boyfriend and never want to give it back.

And for those who are unaware (you poor things), the title to this post encapsulates one of many witty responses. In this case, it's the sassy remark Daria gives during a psychological analysis test in reference an ink blot card. We immediately dislike the surly attitude of the school psychologist for praising Quinn's superficial attitude to the ink blot card and calling Daria, 'Dara'. I always feel like I'm on Daria's side when I watch this scene because the psychologist keeps getting her name wrong, on purpose and doesn't really give a shit. I too can relate to teacher's and adults mispronouncing my name or appropriating it into a name they recognize.

Although my outfit looks cute and color coordinated, I'd like to think I'm channeling something a little deeper and moodier.


  1. Her response takes on so much more meaning after the season 5 finale (I am 83% sure that's the episode I'm thinking of)! Suddenly it's deep as well as sarcastic and I had an emotion.

    1. I'll need to watch out for that- I own the boxset of dvds but I've never watched them all yet!