Saturday, August 31, 2013

Romance Was Born Archive Sale

More than 2 weeks ago now I blew a whole load of cash at the Romance Was Born archive sale held at Alice Euphemia. This is pretty uncharacteristic of me, but I knew it would be something I would regret if I didn't go. I suspect that the racks were continuously restocked over the 3 day period, so rather than going on the first day of their sale I really should have made the time to visit each day. I had always intended on writing about this momentous event in which I bought 3 pieces for less than $250 but I got sidetracked. I bought a swirly rainbow shirt, a silken purple and pink skirt as well as a cotton shirt.

Even though I was captivated with how lovely each piece was and enthralled I could squeeze into a size eight, uni has kept me rather busy as well as work. Last weekend when I got to meet Tavi Gevinson and a whole bunch of other rad girls, I was reminded of how lovely each piece was when I saw a girl wearing a Lil Lord Fauntleroy dress and Minna Gilligan, a speaker at Rookie Day wore her new skirt from the same collection. You'll see my new pieces in a slow trickle of outfit posts, but in the meantime I thought Instagram was the best choice to showcase the evolution of one of Australia's most exciting brands and the evolution from 2005 to the present.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Nina Ricci Spring 2010

As some of you may be aware of, Brad Goreski dressed as everyone's favourite pint-sized hero Tavi Gevinson on Halloween 2010; particularly channeling her wicked sense of style with multiple layers of tulle skirts with socks and strappy heeled sandals. Nina Ricci has managed to emulate her style in a single piece using lace in the spirit of tweed, tulle and embellishments. It's a very fussy look; but I appreciate the sense of characterization. In Harry Potter he had a neighbor (secretly a witch) whose house smelled like cabbage and apparently she had like heaps of cats and was a little crazy. If we had seen her represented in the movies, I'd like to think her wardrobe would have been something like this but with some weird taxidermy as well? Just a suggestion to future film-makers who already want to re-make the Hogwarts series and stuff.  

This dress seems to echo the romantic, Pretty in Pink prom stereotypes addressed at least once (and sometimes twice as in the case of Freaks and Geeks) in every youth-centric television series but also echo the collection Rodarte did in collaboration with Target in December 2009. As many of you may remember, Tavi Gevinson did a running commentary of the pieces in that collection during her 'awkward' phase when she was still small and cute, proudly wearing her glasses. The complicated nature of nude slip dress, lace long sleeves with thumb holes and slightly ballerina-esque ruffled skirt all affirm to me the overt, feminine nature of the dress and slight nod towards 1980s party frocks. Small accessories, which, from afar could very well be clunky vintage buttons and thrifted brooches pinned on the shoulders along with black lace ankle heels and a thick, elasticised belt blur the line between runway chic and blogger obsessed with thrifting and originality.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

School Blues

So I heard some of you will need to go back to school/ are in the midst of rediscovering how much you loathe an education in which everyone of your peers in the hallways is a jerk and what you learn will never be applicable to everyday life. That's cool- I'm in week five of a twelve week semester and have three assignments to do. But you know what? I prefer procrastinating and talking to you because you're cool. I've been thinking a lot about where I live in suburban Melbourne and how it has shaped my ideas about humanity and for my next diary I want to create a landscape of bright colours but very sad and sombre tones. Power lines and domestic motifs such as drive-thru fast food eateries and cafeterias and lockers... that's what I'm feeding off at the moment. Think of Daniel Clowe's Ghost World, but peppered with texta smeared badly across every page, pop culture references and an overwhelming sense of a teenage female presence. I can't wait to really get stuck into making it and show you guys- even if it's bad art. Because at least I made something and being proud of bad art can be a good thing.

1- Ginger and Rosa (2012), 2a i-D Magazine, b- Carrie (1976), c- Twin Peaks.
3- Kate Moss via; 4a, b- Flirting (1991), c- unknown. 5.
6a- unknown, b- Blue is the Warmest Color (2013), c- witchhboy etsy.
7- The Virgin Suicides (1999), 8- The Supremes; 9a-
Self Service Magazine, b via Style Rookie, c- Photo by Bill Owens.
10, 11; 12a- unknown, b & c-
Osamu Yokonami, 12-
Osamu Yokonami.
13a- unknown, b- unlnown, c- Molly Ringwald.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Go Gothic

Wearing: Romance Was Born skirt, J.W. Anderson X Topshop sweater, vintage blouse, Poms earrings.

At the moment I think I’m unconsciously fangirling over geometry. If you look closely at the pattern of my skirt and the beads of my rosary necklace, which glows in the dark by the way, there’s a lot of circles and grids. (see outfit post about art school) I just can’t help it though, I have this strange and secret longing to be an artist who listens to vinyl records all day and makes collages! Anyway, that’s what came from my subconscious thoughts after choosing green and purple things to wear today. I loved those two colours together roughly at the age of nine, and the diy unicorn brooch I forgot to wear I have had in my possession forever. It feels like a very natural and comforting look to me. Also there’s some echoes of Neopets faerie THINGS but a little less floaty and more sciency. It feels more satisfying than I make it sound.
These are the first photos with my new camera, a Canon EOS 60d, which I am still trying to figure out but I think they show off how fluffy my earrings are and they're the right shade of green which is also pleasing.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Christopher Kane Resort 2014

Christopher Kane opens his Resort 2014 with an under-stated take on minimalist chic while elevating sweatshirts with printed motifs, stone-washed jeans and the colour grey to an art form- and immediately I was intrigued by the first quote of the review. "I love science", Kane declared. At first I thought the presentation would be an homage to the frizzly hair of Albert Einstein or I would see the representation of scientists able to juggle both complex theories of relativity and intricate, beautiful outfits. But the quote was not in reference to the queer 1930s Marie Curie-nostalgic uniform of endearing business suits; but describing the concept behind this collection and its use of early computer images being able to articulate floral motifs in fine Swiss lace. I was enthralled by such elegantly simple outfits of neutral colours expressed so well- and it opened my eyes to a chic alternative and mastery of jeans and jumpers to be conquered rather than fear. I will attribute my phobia of denim and plaintive clothing to the constant onslaught I encounter everyday at my mundane little university where I drown in a sea of denim jeans and hooded jackets everyday. 

From denim jeans to white sundresses punctuated by a series of tiny holes we see the gentle introduction of the artistic paint strokes and warped grids in the vain of Tron, The Matrix, or for those who don't watch sci-fi movies, that Simpsons Halloween special where Bart and Homer become three-dimensional (which was still scary). And upon that switch from wallflower pretty clothing for Summer to graphical whimsy, my mouth begins to water. If you keep up with my outfit posts, you know I am obsessed with prints and that I've been religiously wrapping myself in my new Romance Was Born pieces but the rigid mathematics of Christopher Kane over rides that love for art and craft supplies and takes it to a whole other level of grids and geometry. So I am dying to add to my growing collection of eclectic patterns some monochrome, skeletonised diamond printed blouses and ice-skater skirts *hint hint*

I found the introduction of canary yellow and red to what had been such a subdued and subtle palette both bizarre and jarring. I'm particularly frustrated by this clumsy shift between ideas because I know from reviewing other fashion collections that what is shown is as important as the order it is shown in. To break it down further (and articulating something that anyone who took English in high school can understand), it's like the structure of an essay; a runway show needs to link between one motif to the next and without contrasting the two ideas together it's immediately obvious that something was missing. I am sorry for what was a very nerdy analogy, but I do enjoy studying science and writing in my spare time about fashion so I suppose I like talking about the things I understand the best.   

Clean lines and a palette of primary colours embody Kane's interpretation of Resort wear for 2014 which makes the transition from aggressive, obnoxious floral tones and bright colours which dominated several years ago to the more sensible approach to Summer. When you think about it, Summer can be plagued with as much bad weather as Winter but there's a delightful sense of leisure when it comes to lying around the house and gorging on ice-cream with the air-conditioning on full blast.I think this new vision of cluttered lines but very simple colours also ties in with Christopher Kane's use of new technologies used in order to create aesthetically wonderful pieces and the marriage between science working to facilitate the ideas of the fashion industry.It echoes the early history of personal computers and refines the best possible art that could have been created from such wonderful Microsoft Windows '98 programs such as MS Paint. When telling a story, you start from the beginning. This feels like an exciting, new beginning for the narrative Kane will create in the future for his fashion line and while I have thoroughly enjoyed just about every collection to date, I am reinvigorated knowing I can expect the unexpected but still recognise signature feminine silhouettes.