Monday, July 8, 2013

Teen Idle

Wearing: Hair barrette from etsy (ginette pomette), Karen Walker Sunglasses, American Apparel blouse, DIY gingham top, vintage denim jacket, Hi There by Karen Walker shorts, deadstock tights, Dr Martens boots.

I've been meaning to articulate the Lolita fascination and imitate the kinder-whore style for a while now, and I forgot to include a pink kitten on my shoulder and fluffy bag charm with purse but I'm still super happy with how these pictures turned out. Today's outfit was inspired by this blog here, as well as discovering my hair is so long, when I plait it I can make a fake braid by wrapping my plait around the front of my head (if ever there were a sign that my hair is too long, that would be it). Tomorrow I'm going away for the weekend with my boyfriend and I have no idea what I want to pack in my bag... other than some choice reading material and Animal Crossing to play in the car. Deciding what clothes (and hence outfits I can post later in the week) is hard work!

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