Monday, July 22, 2013

Tata-Naka - Issue 4

Vintage style has been influencing and inspiring the fashion houses and designers for countless seasons now and I for one don't want the gravy train to stop anytime soon. Sure I could just run along to my local thrift store and actually try to search for some goodies but sadly in Australia actual vintage from any era past the 1990s is an incredible rarity and something to essentially salivate over. Yes I used the phrase gravy train in the first sentence, and you can thank my father for that gem of descriptive wisdom and you can tell him he's a great reference point of waning cultural tidbits. But what does my father and this particular launch of clothing from Tata Naka have in common? Well their roots both originate from the 1950s and yet there is change, modification and evolution at work here which molds the general vintage themes like a wet lump of clay. Brighter colours and better techniques yield a more spectacular and vibrant display of the era, resulting in aesthetic eye candy and acceptance from people of a younger generation as something stylish and trendy but bordering on the more mature tastes of society.

The hairstyles of the models is short and sweet but stylised in those familiar curls... sort of like a later filmed sequel to Downtown Abbey dramas and general English period pieces. OK, I know I am horrendously jumbling my history to the point of sheer, mortal embarrassment but do you feel me on the kind of vibes I'm trying to send out here? Probably not, my brain is like a juiced orange half at the moment and all you poor people are left with is gluggy pulp.I blame working too hard!


  1. I absolutely adore Tata Naka! Their collections always amaze me and you can really see the influences that are a part of their design process.
    PS Your blog is SO cool!

    1. Aren't they just the best? Their 5th Issue has been my favorite so far but all their collections are great :)