Sunday, July 14, 2013

Tacky Tiki

Wearing: Karen Walker Sunglasses, thrifted floral shirt, DIY unicorn brooch, Miss Shop leaf skirt, deadstock tights, Wittner shoes holographic brogues.

It was inevitable that all the summer vibes from my friends in the northern hemisphere; combined with playing Animal Crossing and going away for the weekend in a sleepy seaside town would result in the weird nostalgia for all things tropically tacky and island themed. I bought this blouse from a thrift store after visiting the Salvation Army, local women's cooperative shop, a small thrift store and buying two shirts and a book on cats from St Vincent de Paul's. Can you believe I got something so perfect and tailored to my tastes of weird prints and florals for three dollars? Neither could I. The book on cats is being incorporated into my diary as we speak and cost a measly 50c which is basically my best find yet. It was printed in 1959 and even my boyfriend, Hamish was interested to see the creepy family pet portraits. He got me some frangipani hair clips while shopping but you kind of can't see it because of the outrageously bright sun outside.


  1. Your outfit is really nice, i am also playing animal crossing a lot. Do you know how you can visit other cities? i've animal crossing wild world...
    however, isn't tacky tiki the island pipi longstocking vistis to rescue her dad? or am I just crazy?

    1. yay a fellow AC:NL player! I'm totally lost on how to do streetpass stuff and wifi so I haven't visited anyone else either

      I never read pipi longstocking- have you? is it a good book?

    2. it's a movie! and yes it's really really good. It's on youtube, i really recommend you to watch it!