Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Summertime Sadness

I can't believe it- the holidays are over and I'm already back at uni, which means sitting in freezing cold lecture theaters, bored out of my mind trying my best not to day dream or use my phone. The break was nice while it lasted and I appreciated having time to shop at my local thrift stores, spend time creating collages in my diary, getting a haircut, having time to think about aesthetics, review fashion collections and incorporating different themes into my outfits. 

Now comes the bad news, posts will become less frequent as I struggle to find that balance between a social life and being a good student and to top it all off, I've worked part time the last four days (a crazy new record for me). If I was smart and interested in fashion blogging with a keener sense of personal style I would have already perfected my blog and made it a key component of my everyday life. But I'm no Tavi Gevinson am I? Speaking of which, I bought tickets for both her events at the Melbourne Writers' Festival (Rookie Day and Tavi's Notes) and I'm pretty pumped because I'm sure there'll be plenty of rad girls hanging out at these events too!

1a- vintage versace jeans, b- Michele Bressan

Waiting for the drama 2010-2011, c- Pokemon screencap.
2, 4a, 13a- Romance was Born ss14;
3, 8, 10a -via Style Rookie;
7b, 9, 14.


  1. ugh you have the perfect taste in everything <3

    1. coming from you that means a lot <3
      the mad mod is such a fun blog!