Saturday, July 27, 2013

Suburban Death

Despite living in The Suburbs all my life, sometimes I feel totally lost drifting between two very different worlds of big city or a close knit community. Sure it only takes about an hour's drive to finally reach a small town or the centre hub of Melbourne, but where I live feels like this strange little pocket dimension pushed off to the side. In the suburbs nothing exciting happens- there's no art happening and you have to be your own creative inspiration at times when the Internet can't provide that sense of inclusion into certain artistic circles. All your friends from high school still live near you but everyone can drive now so it's not like you bump into each other or hang out as often as you know you should. And things like buildings and shops are relatively small but at the same time there's enough space so nobody really knows anybody else's name.

So this photo set visualises my confusion and frustration of living in the suburbs, but it's a more softer, romanticised view of the burbs. I wanted to create that sense of the strange and dangerous but have it subtle enough to leave an unsettling tone to all the photographs and stuff. It ignores petty crimes like graffiti, but leans towards dark secrets swept under rugs- all being bundled together in a picturesque and feminine packages like the creepy twin girls from The Shining and the Lisbon sisters from Virgin Suicides. 

1a- Rookie Mag, b- unknown via, c.

2. 3a- Twin Peaks, b- Rookie Mag, c-Style Rookie d. 4- Style Rookie.
5- Heavenly Creatures (1994).
6a, b, c- Daria, d- Ghost World (2001). 7- Rookie Mag.
8a- Petra Collins via, b, c- Dolores Umbridge. 9a- Marc Jacobs campaign, b- Rookie Mag, c- The Virgin Suicides (1999). 10. 11- unknown, b, c. 12a- unknown, b, c- Style Rookie.13 via thecatcherinthefry, self-service. 14- unknown. 15. 16- The Shining (1980).


  1. I love the photos, great post <3