Friday, July 12, 2013

Sister by Sibling Autumn Winter 2013

My self-inflicted infuriation on inabilities to knit was once again ignited like a mighty bonfire on the weekend- you see, I went away to a sleepy sea side township with a single main street leading down to the water's edge and about fifty different thrift stores. Well OK, that's not true there was one Salvation Army, a St Vincent de Paul's, a women's cooperative and a thrift store. Since I now make it a habit to explore every single nook and cranny in search for treasure in these stores I intercepted many abandoned balls of yarn with stray wool. The sad thing is, even if I did want to give them a good home every attempt to knit has only ended with a sad and lonely cast-on stitch, and I turned red wool into shredded mozzarella that time I tried to make pom poms. The simple fact is I like wool and yarn and things but they don't like me.

I viewed this collection before I was swept out to sea (the beach town) and I now have a new vigor, love, admiration and respect for the work of Sibling. I wrote about them when I first launched this blog, and since then they've taken to creating a women's wear line which is available from Asos from time to time still specializing in eccentric knitwear of haute couture epic-proportions.

I understand that for many of you who will read this, warm woolen pom pom berets and huge scarves of Doctor Who Tom Baker, but like the ever vigilant squirrel who spends his time hoarding acorns in preparation for the long Winter, if you employ the same meticulous type of planning in your own life, you too can enjoy the fruits of your labor later in the season. Or, alternatively, I will be able to buy all the glorious warm, life-giving knitwear for myself with pulled out loops, various techniques in the colors of black, oatmeal, red, turquoise. I can understand the desire to make the look more coveted by making the models strut their stuff down the catwalk in high top, wedge sneakers but I really wish they hadn't (my only criticism). Too many granny motifs in the way of fluffy slippers probably would have been too much and made the entire audience simply switch off from what the collection has to offer but I really wish something suave and sophisticated such as thing, block heeled court shoes were employed instead; which would have had the same bold impact against a sea of textured wool but alas my vision remains only as a notion. All criticism aside, I am swooning over impractically long scarves, cardigans with matching skirts and lumpy skirts- making an early Christmas list may well be in order.

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