Saturday, July 13, 2013

School Girl

I'm turning 20 in a few months time, so I guess that's the reason why my head is revolving around teenage girl nostalgia and the transition one makes from being a child, to an adolescent figuring out their body and things like views, opinions and sexuality and finally adulthood. I'd like to think that when you become an adult at the age of eighteen or twenty-one it's not a full-blown, clear cut operation but rather the slow dissipation of certain trends and losing the ability to access certain things. Oh sure, there's boring things to look forward to such as bills, mortgage repayments and a full-time job, but in my own way I will always have some retention of an easily impressed high schooler who fervently loves to read and soak in certain vibes.

The fruits of my labor in the shape of this post and these collages are my celebration of teen spirit but also my sadness that I'm getting a little too old to enjoy such things and that I should take pride in boring things such as my room, interior decorations, obliterating all traces of dust in my house and contemplating how old is too old to bring a lunch box in to uni? These aren't straight forward questions, rather a debate and conversation I internally hold within myself at various points in time that may never be reconciled, or at the very least always open to further skepticism and new evidence as it were. I'm sorry, I'm not articulating all this very well but I'm happy with just making my feelings known in the universe and trying to catch someone's attention who may just feel the same as I do.

1: a- Shin Se Kyung for Vogue Girl; b, c, d.
2, 10 -Style Rookie; 3- Unknown; 4, 6-
"Marie Poupee" (1976),
8, 12, 14-
Travis Rathbone.  5: a- Sailor Moon, b, c, d- Lost in Translation (2003).
7: a-unknown, b- Style Rookie, c, d.  9: a, b- unknown, c- The Female Gaze by Petra Collins, d. 11: a, b- Moonrise Kingdom (2012), c- The Brady Bunch, d.
13: a- Style Rookie, b, c- Alice in Wonderland (1951), d- Daisies (1966).
15: a-
Meghan Murie, b- unknown, c, d- Twin Peaks.


  1. These pictures are all gorgeous and yes growing up is such a difficult journey, I mean I'm only 16 but already dreading getting older, because it means a new set of responsibilities and loss of innocence. Good luck with figuring it all out!

  2. Haha don't worry about growing up, I'm nearly 30 and I'm still the same person I was at 19, only with more knowledge and life experiences now. It's kinda awesome to look back on your twenties and see where and what you learnt along the way. Also you're never too old for a lunch box, my husband takes his lunch to work in a cute Japanese bento box I bought him in Japan. His colleagues were very impressed when they saw it in the fridge.

    1. haha thanks for all the reassurance on identity and stuff Hayley- lunch boxes are just so convenient to make sure all your food isn't squished in your bag