Wednesday, July 3, 2013


The last few weeks were really draining for me- as anyone who goes through exams will be well aware of, but someone from work also passed away and I couldn't attend their funeral because of the shitty exam timetable. But funerals aren't really for the dead; they're ceremonies for all the people who loved them and got left behind. I just wanted to tell the universe that he was really kind, he looked after all the young kids on his shift like they were his own kids and shared in their achievements. I'm continually fascinated by the capacity of people to be kind to people who are effectively strangers to them and the way bonds form. But bonds break too and it hurts. Here's some sad, nostalgic, vintage pictures I collected on my hard drive during my leave of absence. Hopefully I'll be blogging a little more regularly and be able to share more outfits and stuff as well as my long withheld journal that I am very proud of.

1- Daria; 2- Virgin Suicides + Unknown; 3, 8- via Style Rookie; 4,5,6,9,10- Rookie Mag; 11- Unknown + Ghost World comics;
12, 13- unknown; 14- Twin Peaks; 15, 16- Unknown, 17, 18, 19, 20- Unknowns, 21- Dazed and Confused (1993); 22- The Wild Thornberrys; 23- Unknown; 24- Ghost World (2001); 25- Unknown.

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  1. Ghost World...Marina Diamandis...CAT CHILDREN HOLDING HANDS?? Argh, this post holds way too much awesome. I hope exams didn't destroy your soul entirely, and sorry to hear that you lost someone dear to you :(
    Betti xx