Saturday, July 6, 2013

Romance Was Born Summer 2014

It's finally happened guys- I've died and gone to heaven. Why you ask? Well firstly because my dreaded exams are finally over and I have been able to climb from under my rock and rejoin society. Yes, every other dedicated fashion blogger has already discussed Romance Was Born's new and exciting project but that won't stop my from devouring the aesthetic offering and makeup extravaganza that gave me inspiration when feeling sluggish and tormented by numerous assignments. So to reiterate what the entire Internet and blogosphere is currently saying: Art installation maestro Pip and Pop has teamed up with my fashion heart throbs Luke Sales and Anna Plunkett of Romance was Born in an Alice in Wonderland themed collection. As if the timing wasn't perfection enough, I've been pounding through a version of Lewis Carroll's fairy tale on my phone in what can only be described as productive procrastination on my part diverting attention away from examples studies. 

With the timing of the collection first introduced and shown off in spectacular fashion at the start of our Autumn, they kind collective designers have given us six months notice to save up, raid our sock drawers,  mattresses and piggy banks of emergency funds for the Summer 2014 collection. Is it possible that such masterminds of creativity and colour are also empathetic to the humble uni student budget!? Well almost- that has yet to be proven at this point in time. We have yet to see the price tags on these beauties but each piece usually ranges from a hundred or so dollars each depending on the technique. I predict with the aid of my crystal ball the sequined, Cheshire cat top and matching disco pants to be the priciest among the collection due to the sheer amount of detailing. But with that said, just about everything has my mouth watering in anticipation and I would be a very happy girl to walk away with anything from what seems like a cornerstone collection and pivotal point in the Romance Was Born story.

Images via Boudist


  1. I love this collection sooooo much <3

  2. If you're going to grab my photos off my site the least you could do is link back to the source.