Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Wearing: Miss Shop pony blouse, Asos skirt, deadstock tights, Miu Miu clogs, DIY hair bow and brooch, mushroom necklace from etsy (ginettepomette).

Today I wanted to look cute (did I succeed you guys!?) but also experiment with how I do makeup and hair, so this was my first attempt at milkmaid braids thanks to this video tutorial. If I had known it was this easy all along I would have been wearing this hairstyle to school a lot more on really boring days and to piss off my Chemistry teacher. I'd also like to think I'm echoing Princess Leia from Star Wars with the addition of a satin white bow into my heavy braids- it just needed something extra to make it look more interesting since I don't have my hair dyed and it doesn't catch the light in a rainbow of colours. I eventually took out the braids after a while- it feels unnatural for me to have all my hair scooped onto one side of my head but maybe I just need more practice. Also this is the first time I've tried to wear blush in a while (which is why it looks so bad and concentrated on my cheeks) but I kind of like the intentional kinderwhore/ porcelain doll vibe. I discovered I have three different blush pots when I cleaned my room yesterday so expect more rosy cheeks sprinkled into my outfit posts.


  1. i just fell in love with your blog.
    new follower! x

  2. Yes, I think you look really cute, so you succeeded!!! I really like your milkmaid hair, you succeeded with that as well! I'm a secret visitor to your blog, but I guess I should comment more often, because you really inspire me and I should thank you for that more often. So: thank you!!