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Miu Miu Spring 2010

Confession time: I have an almost crazy level of respect and appreciation for the Miu Miu Spring collection from 2010. Yes, I am extremely late to the party when it comes to writing reviews, but when I bought a three year old copy of Vogue from an op shop a fortnight ago I realised just how great all the designers creative collections were at the time and how the Global Financial Crisis gave them one last burst of creativity to make the collections they wanted to make and inspire society, as opposed to post GFC where everything is lame and predictable and my eyes tear up from yawning to much. Keeping my old magazines and reading them over again at different stages of my life means I identify with different things and my feelings change, and I just feel so energised by the work of this time, as well as 2009 in particular. Anyway, this is like, my favourite collection of all time and I want to own everything (EVERYTHING) from this show and roll around in a big pile of Miu Miu. 

When I was in high school, I was this ambitious dork that did everything including flute, guitar, vocals outside of school, science subjects and theater productions. The one I liked doing the most was ' How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying'- I even kept the fake glasses I got to wear on stage because they were these strange elongate hexagon shapes (but that's another story). The makeup and costumes were annoyingly boring with nary a beehive insight or real vintage clothing but I suppose the typewriter, coffee dependent staff and storyline really got through to me somehow. So in my mind's eye, the uniform of the production would be recast in Miu Miu, there would be silhouettes of naked ladies on trousers and blouses and everyone would be better off. Also cats, dogs, flowers and sensible clutches that are very petite and impractical with dagger collars everywhere and heavy wooden clogs clicking around on cheesy, cheap laminate flooring.

This year I achieved one of my shoe goals- buying Miu Miu clogs featuring the golden daisy print with the thickest wooden platform and heel possible. It feels like I was following in Tavi Gevinson's footsteps (oh what a horrible pun...) when I got them in the mail and got to wear them with a cute outfit but could see what it was like from her pro fashion blogger perspective. They do feel amazing, imaginative and somehow reminiscent of drawing flowers when I was six years old on pink paper. I was a little surprised at how loose they were (I bought a size too big) but grateful for the chance to buy them secondhand on eBay so long after the buzz of the collection release three years ago. I'm actually really scared to wear them outside though since they feel super precious to me but I'm constantly worried about hurting my feet from heels and platforms anyway so... they just like in my room as a special keepsake.

Lately I've been trying to create more collages and cram together similar things when putting together fashion reviews and stuff from other people's blogs and Tumblr (sadly, without the same eccentricity, stickers and crayons/ textas I use in my diary) but I have such a love for this collection I want everyone to see it in the highest resolution and be able to see the detail and finesse hat graced that catwalk in Paris fashion week. As a consumer it can be difficult finding a balance between going into a store in person to touch, feel and try on a product as opposed to using measuring tape when you're wearing your pajamas and it's 2am in the morning and your buying stuff you really shouldn't splurge on, but with the increasing quality of digital photography and the great emphasis on having a pit of cameras at the end of every runway we can buy in to a franchise without experiencing it first hand. I wanted to impress that point using my favourite example.

Towards the second half of the show, glamor dominates reinventing the sparkling diamonds and gems of the 1920s art deco scene which is projected onto modern and seductive sheer with crazy inserts and intersecting motifs characteristic of the collection. I call it crazy because, speaking as someone who did dabble in sewing and found even the most basic of paper sewing patterns to be troublesome the amount of different sections must have almost been nauseating. I'm pretty glad I didn't try to go to art school or make a living out of being a creative (but at times I regret it too) because at times you have to think in three dimensions and that usually results in me curling into the fetal position for hours at a time. I am however glad that this collections exists and showcases so many different variations of dangling diamond trims dangling from exotic-looking bustiers and used to create swirling patterns on the bust that screams of Princess Leia in Star Wars (you know... the racy costumes that helped nerds everywhere become aware of female sexuality after playing dungeons and dragons for so long)!

This collection was also really exciting at the time, in particular for young people interested in fashion because Lindsey Wixson kind of got her big break at this time and got to close the shoe, proving that her unique looks were her greatest strength and not a hindrance to her career. Because honestly, what good is it when you look the same as everyone else? Society shouldn't treat girls, or grown women as Barbie dolls to be paraded around and her inclusion into the Miu Miu world broke the mold in many ways of the expectations the fashion industry should have when selecting models. I mean obviously there's still the pressure we all face from media and magazines and popular culture that idealistically we should be skinny and banner ads on the Internet are like the bubonic plague when it comes to this sad factor but I felt it was a step in the right direction. When I was a kid no one else looked the same as I did because I'm bi-racial being half Chinese-Malaysian and half Australian. I've come to terms with the way I look and accept, well actually love looking in the mirror now but I think for girls with slightly pouty lips and gapped teeth it's like, a big deal to see someone sharing the same traits being payed hundreds of dollars to look pretty walking down a runway.

I found everything about this collection to be magical, and my feelings remain unchanged after all this time. Surely that's the Webster's Dictionary definition of love or something. Maybe devotion... I don't know, look it up or something. The point is, I feel like I can connect to an idea that may not necessarily exist in real life but in a world created from the point of view of Miuccia Prada and it's this incredible safe haven I can visit- like opening your favourite book or magazine and reliving all the romance that made you fall in love with a certain brand or name all over again. I think this love is more fragile when applied to people, since the relationships we experience with them are more dynamic and aren't uni directional but you can see where I'm coming from with this, that the connections we have to fashion and clothing can become really powerful and embed themselves in our subconscious. I wish I could see more work that made me feel like this these days, but I have a tonne of old magazines to sift through of really great fashion and ideas to keep me going for at least a year or two and that also makes me happy.

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  1. Hey hello there! I've just found this post by looking for I don't really know what of this collection by Miu Miu, I've been touched by your words since they do exactly describe how it made me feel when I first saw it and how I still feel every time I see pics from this collection.

    Luckily, just like you, I own a pair of shoes from the collection (in my case it's the navy daisy maryjanes with platform, actually the ones in the top 2nd picture) but have been looking for other pieces for more than two years, it also makes me sad when I see pics of this collection because it makes me think of the many auctions I've lost and many things I've had to let go because I couldn't afford them at the time (the perks of being a student!).

    This collection also reminds me of a good time in my life, it was my first year studying fashion design and I remember how we would buy magazines during our break and see pieces from this collection in all the editorials while we were at the cafe having breakfast. It was certainly breath taking, I loved all the necklines and cuts in the collection, they felt like a very new shape to me but still very stylish and classic, and the prints, so simple but amazing at the same time. The first time I visited a Miu Miu boutique this was the collection they had on display, I had to get out of the shop because I felt I was going to cry because of how beautiful everything was xD

    And also, of course, Lindsey Wixson. I never really thought of what you say that she doesn't have the "perfect model face" but she certainly has a very especial face and the weird-faced models were not very common in the fashion industry by then.

    Sorry about the long long post but your words have made me feel very nostalgic, this collection means a lot to me, there has never been a collection that's made me feel as much as this one.