Thursday, July 25, 2013

Miss World

Wearing: Rodarte x Target leopard dress, vintage jumper, American Apparel blouse, deadstock tights, Dr Martens boots.
DIY bow, unicorn badge and rosary badge, Blythe doll pinback from Lovely Girl Hearts, thrifted pearl necklace.

OK so I have an unhealthy obsession with thrift stores and also buying ladies undergarments from them? I bought another pair of tights for 20c and this time they are white and elaborately patterned with floral motifs. The part about buying second hand tights sounds totally seedy and like I'm practically asking to be struck down by some sort of disease or skin irritation but I always make sure I wash them before I wear and that they've never been worn... yadda yadda okay mom you can stop berating me now. I'm super happy though because they look so good with my Rodarte x Target collaboration dress, which I had been trying to sell literally for months on eBay and now it finally fits! So it looks like I won't be selling it since I seem to have lost weight from being a workaholic. This outfit feels like it should be my uniform, for days when I'm stuck on what to wear and since my haircut makes everything a little more wavy and messy I feel like I can walk around being a Hole fangirl. 

Laying my clothes out in my room for a day or two helped me compose all these vibes, mainly orbiting around Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain. I'm fascinated at the moment by hair dye, teen shrines and the whole process of decorating one's room, diy crowns and chokers. The colours are a little more idealistic in a teen girl theme, which isn't reflected in my wardrobe but you get the general gist of what I mean.
1, 3- via Rookie Mag; 2a-
‘Miss World’ By Julie Sundberg, b- Courtney Love, c- Rookie Mag at Space 15 Twenty, d- Mary.
4a- unknown, b, c- Style Rookie.
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6a Chloe x Dr Marten, b, c- Style Rookie, d.
Tim Walker Pastel Cats 1999.
8a- Daria, b- Style Rookie, c- Petra Collins.
9a, d- Style Rookie, b-unknown, c- Russh. 10.


  1. Your outfit is really cool; I adore you style it suits you, I think. My mum does that constantly too: she is always persisting that I shouldn't buy as many thrift shop items as I do because I will get a terrible disease. And I try to reason with her that mum, not everyone with herpes goes and sells their old clothes to a thrift shop...
    Lovely pictures!

    1. Wow really? I thought I was the only one with an over zealous parent
      Thanks for your compliments too, they're super sweet <3